The Minster Warminster

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Journey through life

Key moments in the Christian pilgrimage

Baptism (also known as Christening) Baptism marks the entry of the individual into the worshipping family of the Church. For children, each family is normally offered a Baptism Partner; a member of the congregation who both sponsors the child and maintains contact with the child and family. Adults normally have a sponsor who undertakes to accompany them on their spiritual journey.

Marriage (also known as a Wedding) Marriage marks a significant stage in a couple’s relationship and we welcome the chance to mark this with couples who wish to make this commitment in a Christian service. Marriage is governed by both Church and Civil law and the Minster is happy to undertake the marriage of anyone who fulfils the legal requirements. Please contact us for more information.

Funerals As a parish church in the Church of England the Minster’s clergy will conduct the funerals of any parishioner or congregation member who needs this ministry: whether in the Minster itself or at one of the local crematoria. Normally arrangements are made through an undertaker who will make all the arrangements on behalf of the family.

Sustaining ourselves for the journey

Communion The sacrament of Holy Communion, commonly called by its alternative name the Eucharist, is at the heart of the Christian spiritual life. It joins the present day Church with the body of Christ that has worshiped through the ages; providing individual sustenance and a source of corporate growth. When members of the Church are unable to gather physically it has been the Church’s tradition that communion be taken to them by fellow Christians.

Ministry of Healing and Reconciliation (including Confession and Unction) There is a separate leaflet dealing in more depth with the Ministry of Healing and Reconciliation. However, this is a regular part of our worship on the 2nd Sunday evening and 4th Sunday morning of each month. There are particular occasions when an individual might need the sacramental ministry of a priest, either to provide reconciliation or healing through the sacraments of Confession and Anointing.