The Minster Warminster

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Our Church Family

What is the Minster Community? The Minster Church is centred on a group of lay and ordained people who lead the Minster Church in worship and mission. This group share in prayer (Morning Prayer, The Evening Office and The Eucharist) and study (The Boniface Group). This group serves and nurtures a range of individual congregations and reaches out to the local community. There are a number of occasions in the year when the Minster itself is used by the wider community; both for worship and other events. Recent examples include its use by The Atheneum Singers and Warminster Philharmonic Orchestra as a venue for their concerts, hosting the Civic Service and welcoming organisations and businesses from across the town to its Christmas Tree Festival. In addition to the focus on its own worshipping communities the Minster Community is involved in work with local Schools. It has a formal relationship with The Minster School and there are less formal links with Princecroft School. Warminster School uses the Minster for regular worship. There is also an active pastoral ministry in nursing and care homes and members of the Ministry Team are involved in various aspects of hospital and prison chaplaincy. Members of the Minster congregations are actively involved in many groups and we are partners in a number of other discussions aimed at serving the needs of the wider community.

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