The Minster Warminster

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Meeting others...


Oasis A time for Tea,coffee,cake and a chat. Oasis is an informal coffee morning which meets from 10.30 on a Tuesday morning in the west end of the Minster church. It’s simply a time for relaxing and getting to know one another over a cup of Tea or coffee and a slice of cake.


The Minster Choir

There is a long choral tradition at the Minster, with a small but loyal RSCM affiliated (four-part) choir contributing weekly to praise, worship and Christian liturgy. The fine G.P.England pipe organ of 1792 is used to accompany traditional services with a more flexible ensemble of instruments and keyboard supporting an eclectic mix of hymns, Responsorial psalms, anthems and service settings, prominent in the weekly family Eucharist. Regular choir practices are held on 6.00pm Friday evenings in the west end of the church. New voices are always welcomed throughout the year, or to augment the singing at major Festivals.

The Minster Bells

The Minster Church of St Denys has a ring of eight bells, tenor weight 24-3-8 (i.e. 24 cwt, or about a ton and a quarter); the tenor was cast in 1737, the other seven bells in 1881. The bells are rung every Sunday morning, and for weddings and other special occasions in the life of the church or the town. How does bellringing work? The bells are attached to large wheels which offset the effect of their great weight. This means that a ringer can time precisely when the bell sounds, by pulling a rope attached to the wheel. The simplest form of ringing is called ‘Rounds’, when the bells are rung in sequence starting with the lightest (and therefore highest pitched) bell, called the treble, and ending with the heaviest, the tenor. In ‘call changes’, the order in which the bells strike is altered when two bells are called to change places. So, from rounds: 12345678 If the call ‘2 to 3’ is made, bell 3 now follows the treble, and bell 2 follows 3: 13245678 And so on. Because of the force needed to change the speed at which a bell strikes, a bell can only ever move one place at a time in the order. In more complex ringing, pairs of bells change places at every stroke, moving up or down the order in a pre-set pattern or ‘method’. A quarter peal consists of 1250 changes, and takes about 45 minutes to ring; a full peal on eight bells would take over three hours to ring, and must consist of at least 5000 changes. The Minster bellringers practise on Thursday evenings from 7.45 to 9.00 p.m. If you would like to find out more, contact Tower Captain Heather McCombie at, or phone 01985 217600. Here is the link to the tower’s entry in Doves Guide:


Mothers’ Union

The Minster M.U.Prayer and Fellowship Group

Prayer and Fellowship - this is a small group formed when our Mothers’ Union Branch was closed. It meets monthly in someone’s home. The format is informal, using mostly Mothers’ Union sources, led by a member. Everyone is very welcome.Please contact Jenny Baxter 01985 300359


Minster Youth Group

They meet on the 1st Friday of every month

The Minster Youth Group, known as MYG, has a rough starting age from 10 upwards and a very open policy which includes anyone with special needs as well as parents and adults from the congregation as helpers. We have found it a system which the youngsters appreciate. Because of our open approach we are very conscious of our Safe Guarding needs and these are well covered. Although we only formally meet once a month, if we have some thing like a performance coming up we will meet more frequently. We have activities like cooking, bowling, night walk, kayaking, games evening, activity week in August covering an activity a day including visiting the Army, we do a performance at least once a year, BBQs and much more. We raise money each year for 2 different charities and take an active part in Church services about once a month. We are part of the joint youth scheme with the Baptist and Christ Churches.Contact Tim Spinney 01985 214700 or email;


Other Groups that meet at the Minster

Parents and Toddlers

The Parents and Toddler Group meets every Thursday
(term time), between 10 and 11.30 in the West End of the Church.
We are a group of parents and carers who meet for their children to socialise and play together and also take the opportunity to have a cup of tea and a chat themselves!

The children aged from birth – 4years can enjoy the toys, puzzles, playdough and painting, followed by a snack and then singing.
We have a visit from Father Christmas and plan a trip out in the summer.

We are open to anyone and new faces are always welcome, all we ask is a £1 donation to cover running costs.

Contact Stacy: 01985 215460,
if you have any further questions.


Minster Musical Monsters

The Minster Musical Monsters group is held from 10am-11am every Friday morning at The Minster Church of St Denys, Church Street, Warminster £1 per child. New faces are always welcome. Pay as you go, no termly commitment expected. Contact; Amanda Williams 01985 216379

The Twins Club

Meet on Wednesdays on the second and forth weeks in the month. If you have a set of twins, please feel free to come and join us. Contact Amanda Williams 01985 216379


Brownies meet now on Mondays 6.15 to 7.30pm in term time
Contact Hazel Bell 01985 300276